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Greetings, and welcome to my very first map!

This is a 1.7.2/1.8 multiplayer pvp map with various kits to choose, animated armor stands, a pvp arena that may resemble a playground, and a book of hidden features for you to discover! 

Spawn gives you a couple of fireworks to play with, along with three levers: one for clearing the weather, and the others for turning the forever daytime machine on and off.

To download 1.7.2, see “Other Downloads”.

Kits include: Vampire, melee warrior, ranged warrior, scout, and blind warrior. In the future, billionaire might be added.

Hidden features include two kits and a few potion effects.

PVP Arena features:

-A trapped chest with goods that may come at a price…

-A lying merchant willing to trade diamonds for your dirt. But he only gives you 64 diamonds even though it displays 100 diamonds.

-A water slide.

-A short parkour.

-An igloo with the items needed to trade with the merchant.

-A “conference area”

-Rabbits (1.8)

-A diamond-armored horse

-Other random structures

-A fiery snowball machine (removed because it looked bad and filled up your inventory quickly, along with causing lag)

Minecraft Forum thread:



V1-Map created, ready for testing

V2-Many changes (for details see in-game Changelog book)

V3-A few more changes, including fireworks added.

V4-Customized village, Scout Kit added, “conference area” added, and a description bug fixed

V5-UPDATED TO 1.8. Added lots and lots of things, including animated armor stands.


Made by: Anyar

PVP Arena Help: Gina

Command Help: SorenIX

Armorstand Animation Help: Mau5Craft’s youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPAHB4mFFU0)

Contact Information:Minecraft Forum name: MinecraftPROFESSIONAL123

Emails: [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks and enjoy!!!  

P.S. The screenshot (default image) attached shows the spawn from one point of view, along with the two fireworks in my inventory.









-Added many things, and fixed a few bugs, including animated armor stands and beacon light color changes.

Download Links

For 1.8


For 1.7.4


For 1.7.2


Credits: MinecraftPROFESSIONAL123

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