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This is my first minecraft map. It is a fun map that incorporates all the best parts of minecraft like potions, mobs, redstone (SO MUCH REDSTONE – *cough) and PARKOUR. The map takes place in a tunnel made entirely of BeDrOcK. In order to escape, you must make it to the other end. Along the way you may encounter monsters, laboratories, spooky ghosts, and other things (i’m no spoiler, well maybe a little). Anyhooooo, you will have to use your speed, wits, masta skillz, and the objects you find in order to survive and defeat the corrupt soul that dwells within (COUGH COUGH- definitely not a spoiler).


Welcome to the tunnel, You start off as a child who finds this tunnel that appeared in his farm overnight. As you go deerper (insert joke) wou will find that this tunnel has an interesting air about it.
In the tunnel you may break whatever you wish, but there is no way out but to complete it. I would also recommend not breaking anything you may need to stand on.
Play on Normal
Try not to cheat
Everything is doable (insert joke)
Recommended: Play in adventure mode

This was built in my server. Feel free to adventure after you complete the tunnel.
If you are YouTube-ing please give me some cred:

Keep in mind that every block has a purpose
*Wink Wink*
*Hint Hint*



Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 1

Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 2

Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 3

Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 4

Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 5

Screenshot of The Tunnel Map - 6


Download Links

For 1.7.10


Credits: ccc395

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