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This plugin allows you to set mob spawner types and optionally gather mob spawners with a Silk Touch enchanted tool.


  • You can change the type of spawner you are looking at or holding by using /spawner <EntityType>. For example /spawner creeper will change the spawner to a creeper spawner.
  • It will tell you what kind of spawner you interact with or type /spawner while looking at it.
  • Command to give yourself or another player a spawner of a given type.
  • /spawner list and /spawner help commands that display the contents of text files so you can customize them to your liking.
  • Command to remove entities in a given radius with /spawner remove <EntityType> [radius]
  • This plugin will attempt to remove the Silk Touch enchant from the spawner that some plugins add otherwise players can use them as a Silk Touch enchanted tool.
  • Luck option to give a chance to not drop the spawner and break like normal (disabled by default).
  • Frequency option for each creature type to give a chance to not spawn.
  • Prevents renaming spawners on an anvil.
  • Config option to prevent players from making spawners of bad entities.
  • Config option to prevent explosions from destroying spawners.
  • Config option to drop spawners from explosions.
  • Config file to change the language.
  • Config option to use creature aliases so you can just use horse instead of EntityHorse.
  • Permissions to disable eggs.
  • Configure drops.

This plugin may use various bits of code I found on the Bukkit forums.


  • Drop the plugin into your plugins folder like any other plugin.
  • Restart the server.
  • If you are updating from an older version you must either delete your language.yml file or update it with the new entries or you will get errors.
  • Make sure to configure it to your liking by editing the config.yml.
  • Type /spawner reload to reload any changes you make to the language.yml or config.yml files.
  • If you want players to be able to break spawners add permission for spawner.break.<entity>
  • If you want players to be able to mine spawners with a silk touch enchanted tool add permission for spawner.mine.<entity>
  • If you want players to be able to place spawners add permission for spawner.place.<entity>
  • <entity> in the above points can be any entity type (all lowercase) or all to indicate all entities. For example spawner.place.all will allow players to place any spawner type.



/spawner <entity>
Switch the spawner you’re looking at or holding to the given mob entity type.

/spawner give <entity> [player]
Give a spawner to yourself or another player.

/spawner list
Display the contents of the spawner/list.txt file.

/spawner help
Display the contents of the spawner/help.txt file.

/spawner remove <entity> [radius]
Removes entities of the specified type within a given radius.

/spawner reload
Reload the plugin. Useful if you make changes to any of the files.


Gives all Spawner permissions.
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner reload to reload the plugin.
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner <entity>
Use spawner.set.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Gives access to right-click a spawner or use /spawner to get the spawner entity type.
Default: op

Allows players to break spawners as normal.
Use spawner.break.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Allows players to mine spawners with a silk touch enchanted tool.
Use spawner.mine.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Allows players to place spawners.
Use spawner.place.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner give <entity>
Use spawner.give.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Allows mining spawners without using silk touch.
Use spawner.nosilk.all to allow all spawner entity types.
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner give <entity> <player>
Use spawner.giveothers.all to allow all spawner entity types.
This can also be run from console.
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner help
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner list
Default: op

Gives access to use /spawner remove <entity> [radius]
Default: op

Allows using eggs on spawners to change their entity type.
Use spawner.eggs.all to allow all entity types.
Default: op

Allows using anvils to rename spawner eggs.
default: op

Allows using anvils to rename spawners.
Default: op

Note: In Spawner v1.9 some of the permissions changed from ending with .* to .all


  • Edit your config.yml and do /spawner reload to reload the changes.
  • Make sure you aren’t looking at a spawner when you’re trying to change the spawner you’re holding.
  • It can also change an entire stack of spawners you’re holding.
  • If you try to update the plugin with a plugin manager without restarting the server you may run into issues (such as duplicate spawner drops).
  • Doesn’t work properly in creative mode.
  • The config.yml file has a section for valid_entities where you can list entities you want players to be able to use.


I created a Spawner 3.0 TODO List here.

If they are crossed out it means they are finished or being worked on and may be in the next release.

  • Add ability to limit the number of spawners a player can give/change.
  • Add baby spawners.
  • Implement NBT features for MobSpawner from here for mob armor, etc.
  • Compatibility with Vault so that you can make it cost money to get/change a spawner.


This plugin collects anonymous statistics about your server so that I can better understand how people are using the plugin.

It sends these stats to MCStats.org where it’s publicly available. These statistics include your Java version, operating system, authentication mode, system architecture, number of system cores, server location, game version, server software, and which version of this plugin you are using.

If you would like to opt out of this anonymous statistics collection process then you can disable it by editing the file /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.


EntityTypes and Item Durabilities

Creating a Spawner From Another Plugin

Default config.yml

Default language.yml


Report Issues


If you like this plugin please consider donating towards its development. This will encourage me to work on it more. Your donation is very much appreciated!

PayPal: You can find a donate link on the top-right of the page.
Bitcoin: 13Ypntcsv33jb9voWpkAUFZAAMzWAgEjqT


Screenshot of Spawner Bukkit Plugin - 1

Screenshot of Spawner Bukkit Plugin - 2

Screenshot of Spawner Bukkit Plugin - 3


Spawner v2.3 – 27 June 2015

  • Fixed some spawner types not spawning enough.

Spawner v2.2 – 14 June 2015

  • Updated to Spigot 1.8.7: git-Spigot-44c59bf-8f0f4ed (MC: 1.8.7)
  • Fixed luck.
  • Fixed frequency.
  • frequency uses lowercase entity names now so you may have duplicates in your config, only the lowercase names are used now.
  • Fixed spawn egg permissions.

Spawner v2.1 – 3 Apr 2015

  • Switch to MIT license
  • Updated to Spigot 1.8.3: git-Spigot-dbe012b-63e28b1 (MC: 1.8.3)
  • Added new default aliases for Ozelot, ocelot and cat.
  • Added now reloads config files if there were new entries added.
  • Added git revision number to version string.
  • Fix setting spawner names and durability.

Spawner v2.0 – 24 Feb 2015

  • Fixed some reported bugs.
  • Added some requested features.
  • Refactored some code.
  • Added permission spawner.eggs.all and spawner.eggs.<entity> to allow using spawner eggs to change spawner types.
  • Added drops config to specify items to drop from spawners.
  • Changed frequency config keys to default letter casing.
  • Added permission spawner.anvil.eggs and spawner.anvil.spawners to allow renaming on anvils to change the entity types.
  • Fixed config not properly loading defaults for missing values.
  • Added amount parameter.
  • Fixed some issues with language.
  • Fixed reload to work properly.
  • Fixed spawners being pigs in newer Spigot builds.

Spawner v1.9b – 4 Jan 2015

This is a beta release so there may be bugs. If you find any bugs please report them so I can fix them. This release requires Spigot 1.8. You also must update your permissions as some were changed as noted below.

You should also add the new entries to your language.yml file or delete the file so it can be regenerated.

  • Built against Spigot 1.8 on Java 1.7.
  • Changed wildcard permissions to all instead of *
  • Changed permission to give others spawners: spawner.giveothers.all
  • Added luck – a configurable option that adds a percent chance to drop the spawner on break.
  • Added frequency – option to change frequency of successful spawns for each mob type.
  • Now using ItemMeta instead of durability to track spawner type (durability wasn’t working properly anymore).
  • Prevents renaming spawners on an anvil.
  • Added aliases. You can now use horse as a name instead of EntityHorse for example.
  • Added permission to mine without silk touch: spawner.nosilk.all

Spawner v1.8 – 24 April 2014

  • Built against Bukkit 1.7.9-R0.1-SNAPSHOT with Java 1.7. Note that this requires Java 1.7 or higher.
  • Added permission node to place spawners. You must add spawner.place.* if you want players to be able to place all spawners.
  • Added /spawner remove <entity> [radius] to remove entities.
  • Change config bad_entities to valid_entities. Update your config!
  • New language, remove/update your language.yml file for new changes or you will get errors!
  • Added language for entity names. Supports colour codes.
  • Update deprecated code.
  • Using our own SpawnerType instead of relying on EntityType for values.
  • Added MCStats Metrics.

Spawner v1.7b – 16 May 2013

  • Revamp language so it detects empty strings and doesn’t send a message.

Spawner v1.6b – 15 May 2013

  • Added a config option for bad_entities that will prevent players from setting spawners of those entities.
  • Added a config option for protect_from_explosions to protect spawners from blowing up with explosions.
  • Added a language file so you can customize the messages.
  • Added /spawner reload so you can reload the plugin if you make changes to any of the files.
  • Added /spawner help and /spawner list. They display the contents of help.txt and list.txt files so you can customize them.

Spawner v1.5b – 27 April 2013

  • Attempted to fix WorldGuard and HawkEye compatibility.
  • Miscellaneous code cleanup.

Spawner v1.5a – 22 April 2013

  • Added spawner.mine.<entity> (Use spawner.mine.* for all entities)
  • Added spawner.break.<entity> (Use spawner.break.* for all entities)

Spawner v1.4 – 25 Feb 2013

  • Console can use comand: spawner give <entity> <player>

Spawner v1.3 – 18 Feb 2013

  • Permissions have changed!
  • Modified the command to be able to optionally give a spawner to yourself or another player: /spawner give <type> [player]
  • Added permission nodes to mine and break spawners.
  • Added permission to set or give each entity type of spawner.
  • Added permission node to get the spawner type by right-clicking or typing /spawner when looking at a spawner.

Spawner v1.2 – 21 Dec 2012

Use new ItemMeta API and build against Bukkit. Should work with CB 1.4.5-R1.0 and 1.4.6.

Spawner v1.1 – 5 Dec 2012

Update for latest CB dev builds. Won’t work with CB builds earlier than #2513. Use Spawner 1.0 for those.

Spawner v1.0 – 3 Dec 2012

Initial release.

Download Links

For 1.8


For 1.8.3


Credits: ryvix

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