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ScoutCraft Mod

Scoutcraft is a mod developed by me and is themed Scouts, shallow in content, however I go add many other things but I think it was already good enough that everyone can test it…


ScoutCraft Mod

ScoutCraft Mod


Portuguese – Brazil

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Wood Hammer

ScoutCraft Mod

Damage: 4 (2 Hearts)

Durability: 80

Stone Hammer

ScoutCraft Mod

Damage: 4.5 (2.25 hearts)

Durability: 232

Iron Hammer

ScoutCraft Mod

Damage: 5.5 (2.75 Hearts)

Durability: 351

Gold Hammer

ScoutCraft Mod

Damage: 4 (2 hearts)

Durability: 53

Diamond Hammer

ScoutCraft Mod

Damage: 6.5 (3.25 hearts)

Durability 1962

Crafting Hamer (For all hammer, changing only basic material)

ScoutCraft Mod

Crafting FireStarter

ScoutCraft Mod

Durability: 8

Crafting Fragmented Stone

ScoutCraft Mod

New Plants

ScoutCraft Mod

New Foods

ScoutCraft Mod
Realistic Flashlight


ScoutCraft Mod

Focus System and Maximun Distance


ScoutCraft Mod




1- Drop 4 Sticks in one block.

2- Create a FireStarter and pressing the right button in the sky, target the sticks generating smoke, repeat the process until the campfire is created …


 Special Thanks

My special thanks for:


SteveOriginal’s – By the excellent models created for my mod…

ITOS – For the creation of the API that allows you to mount in blocks.

All Peoples – By the great support that are generating…



Screenshot of ScoutCraft Mod - 1

Screenshot of ScoutCraft Mod - 2

Screenshot of ScoutCraft Mod - 3



- Fixed the campfire recipes.

- Improved update check system.

-  Updated to recommended version of Forge (



- Concertado as receitas da fogueira.

- Melhorado o sistema de verificação de atualizações.

- Atualizado para a versão recomendada do Forge (

Download Links

For 1.7.9


Credits: mikedark

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