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Similar to the Minecraft Forge, the Risugami ModLoader is not really a mod in its own right, but instead, is a tool that allows for the safe use of mods that are compatible with Minecraft.

The primary reason for that is the fact that the Risugami Mod Loader contributes little to the overall gameplay experience of Mine Craft, rather, it works behind the scenes in order to make sure that other mods work well enough with the game. Also, the Risugami ModLoader works in order to ensure that when two or more mods are installed on the same computer, they do not come in to conflict with each other.

Minecraft modloader

Minecraft modloader

The Risugami ModLoader 1.7.10 helps to sort out the rendering specs of the game, including the mods which end up adding new interfaces, fuels, recipes, etc. to the game. Apart from being a highly powerful tool for keeping MInecraft running in a smooth fashion, the Risugami Mod Loader can also be used for decompilation, which would allow people who develop mods for Minecraft to understand whether hteir mods would be compatible with Minecraft or not.If you are using a new version of Minecraft Forge installer


How to install Risugami ModLoader

  1. The Risugami ModLoader is based heavily on Java, and as a result, if you are looking to install this program, you will likely need to install the latest version of Java on your computer. Once you’ve done that, the next step would be to back up the minecraft.jar file on your computer, in case things go awry.
  2. Once you’ve backed up your files, download an unzipping program such as WinRAR since the RIsugami ModLoader comes in a zipped format. Then, check out the internet for websites that provide the official download of the RIsugami ModLoader, and download the program. Unzip the file that you just downloaded and then access the Minecraft folder on your computer. From there, open the Bin folder.
  3. Using WinRAR, open the Minecraft.jar file and delete the META- INF file. From the ModLoader folder, drag all of the .class files in to the Minecraft folder. Once all that is done, you can easily run Minecraft.exe in order to check whether the ModLoader is working fine or not. When you start running Minecraft.exe, the program will become much smoother if you have different mods installed, and there will be a marked improvement in the overall execution of the game.

Download Links:

Forge Modloader 1.8  (The ModLoader  no more coming updates, but theForge Modloader are update and ready for Minecraft 1.8! It is really a nice way to start the day!)


Installer Win


Forge Modloader(FML) Minecraft 1.7.10


Installer Win


ModLoader For 1.7.2/1.7.4


ModLoader For 1.6.4


ModLoader For 1.6.2:


ModLoader 1.6.2 Sound Fix:


ModLoader For 1.6.1:


ModLoader For 1.5.2


ModLoader For 1.5.1:


ModLoader For 1.5:


ModLoader For 1.4.7/1.4.6:



Credits by Risugami

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