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Plugin for managing Kingdoms and Settlements. Do protections with HeroStronghold..

Establish some buildings. Then create a settlement . Support the settlers with money and Resources. The settlement will grow and produce their supply. The settlers will love you, gain the reputation. Trade with other Settlements and make some money.

Build up some military units to defend the settlement against the raiders. Create more settlements and be a noble. Rank up and be the king of a realm.

That’s the way of Realms.

This is a Beta Version !! basic documentation in the wiki in English.


Please read the player docu for concept concept overview (eng) and for admin

Plugin description

For plugin description and understanding please read the Concept description


Based on the ideas of Dominion from Pico52 i created this plugin.

Based on experience with HeroStronghold.


There are help available ingame :

  • /realms VERSION , for version and overall statistic
  • /realms HELP , for admin and global information like building blueprint etc.
  • /settle HELP , for managing your settlement
  • /colonist HELP , for admin to create settlements with automatic
  • /regiment HELP , for manage your regiments
  • /owner HELP , for see your achievments and techlevel and for admins to manage the player
  • /kingdom HELP , for manage your kingdom
  • /feudal HELP , for manage your lehen

see in admin or player section for detailed information of commands

if something don’t function look first in FAQ


The plugin has only a few permissions. The permissions are mostly not necessary because the commands check for the owner of a settlement.

  • realms.admin give the admin commands without a op
  • realms.user give a commands to normal users


video The first Settlement a little intro to Realms made on the test server.


The realization are split into multiple phases

  • Phase 1 , create Settlements, create buildings, do Trading, do production, do breeding of settlers
  • Fixes Phase 1 , fixe the known issues of phase 1.
    • Phase 1, unit production uploaded
  • Phase 2 , create units and regiments for raid of settlements
  • Phase 2.1, do manager for regiments, to automatic move and raid
  • Phase 2.2, do Owner, Kingdom and Lehen
  • Phase 2.2, ownership of settlements and permissions
  • Phase 2.2, feudal superregions and buildings
  • Phase 2.2. feudal hierarchie
  • Phase 2.3, do Technology tree and Achivements for Owner (Player) / Desig ready
  • Phase 2.4, do Update to Bukkit 1.8 (thanks to Spigot)
  • Phase 2.5 new Building for Karnickels :)
  • Phase 2.5.1, player (owner) experience and settlement relationship
  • Phase 2.5.2, trading of settlement with player. player get reputation in a settlement by donation or trading
  • Phase 2.5.2, realms permissions and achivements or techlevel necessary for building
  • Phase 2.5.2, owner earn achivements for build up a building or use a Techbook
  • Phase 2.5.2, learn from Techbook in Bibliothekk or Library
  • Phase 2.5.3, kingdom, feudal join and rankup
  • Phase 2.5.3, minimum dynmap support
  • Phase 2.6, do individual settlers like villagers, with names and gender
  • Phase 2.6, citizens for settlements
  • Phase 2.7, citizens for units (sentry needed)
  • Phase 2.7.1 , regiment managment with npc
  • Phase 2.7.2 , do regiment as traveller , to make some trade with the stolen items from settlements
  • Phase 2.7.3 , do new feudal lifecycle and units train
Work in progress
  • Phase , do simple evolve for settlements
  • Phase 2.7.4 , do regiment for player to raid settlements
  • Phase 2.7.5 , do new regiment commands for managing the regiment
  • Phase 2.7.6 , do regiment for player to conquer settlements
  • Phase 2.8 , beggar npc as wandering pack, steal from settlements
  • Phase 2.8.1, balancing test and correction
  • Phase 2.8.2, documentation update
  • Phase 2.8.3, localization of plugin messages and npc conversation
Future Phase
  • Phase 2.9, do regiments for settlement/players to make war possible
  • Phase 3 , do evolution on the Settlement, estimated time for realization 1 month
  • Phase 3.1 , create a kingdom and rule the world, fighting your opponents
  • Phase 4 , strategic rules for NPC

see Concept Page

Required Plugin


The installation is not simple. You install the required plugins and then this plugin.

Update checking

The update checking function can be set as an option in the configfile

  • updatecheck: true/false
    This function only send a message to the console, when a newer version is in download available.

The autoupdate is not availbe and the option in the configfile has no function

  • autoupdate: false
    This function is only available because its a requirement for bukkit plugins. I not plan to realize an autoupdate for this plugin.

Test Server

The server is not always online . Please try later is offline. server online 24/5 for update 0.9.5.
send me a pm when you need special help.

Server: draskoria.game-host.org:25566

Please dont destroy anything. anything is free . Only the settlements are protected.

Dynmap: draskoria.game-host.org:8123


Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 1

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 2

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 3

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 4

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 5

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 6

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 7

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 8

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 9

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 10

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 11

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 12

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 13

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 14

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 15

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 16

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 17

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 18

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 19

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 20

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 21

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 22

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 23

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 24

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 25

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 26

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 27

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 28

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 29

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 30

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 31

Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 32


Update MC 1.9 and Stronghold

This is a Minecraft 1.9 update. This version is not backward compatible and can not be used on older bukkit/spigot versions.
With the 1.9 update the HeroStronghold plugin is dramatically changed. From now i cannot used the new HeroStronghold (Townships) pluigin,
so i made the seperate Stronghold plugin with the old HeroStronghold functions.
The Stronghold plugin can used as standalone, but the primary goal is to support the realm plugin.
The plugin can be seperat download, but it is bundled in this version.

new realms function:
The lehen now take tax and support from his liege settlement(s).

Have fun :)


  • warehouse, convert some BLOCKS to Itemname
  • standard buildplans redesign for npc spawn
  • some new price in the global pricelist

Download Links

For 1.9


For 1.8


Credits: Krglok

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