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PrisonMinePlugin is a plugin for your prison server that allows you to quickly make a mine and shops instead of doing everything manually! This plugin is still a work in progress but it is still needs ideas to add!


* Vault

* World Edit

Lastest Download

Note: This download may not have been approved by bukkit yet, use at your own risk!



* Quick mine creation

* Quick block adding

* Change shape of mine!

* Add command signs!

* Import mines from different plugins

* Auto creation of shops

* Quickly set a item price

* No lag

* Mine reset time

* Mine reset message

* Mine reset location

* add Sub-Items to items for shops


Mine Help

* /mine help – Mine Help

* /mine list – Lists all the mines.

* /mine options – plugin Options

* /mine info [name] – Displays info about the mine.

* /mine create [name] – Creates a mine.

* /mine remove [name] – Removes a mine.

* /mine setBounds [name] – Sets mine area based of world edit selection.

* /mine addEntry [name] [%Material] – Add a block to the mine. For example adding 50% stone: /mine addEntry Test 50%Stone

* /mine listEntries [name] – Lists all entries of a mine.

* /mine removeEntry [name] [id] – Remove a entry base of entry id.

* /mine setResetSpawn [name] – Sets where players well be teleport when mine resets.

* /mine setResetTime [name] – Sets when a mine resets.

* /mine setResetMessage [name] – Sets message when mine resets.

* /mine setParent [name] [parentname] – Pass down info from parent to child.

* /mine cleanUp [name] – Organizes mines Entry list

* /mine import [name] [format/plugin] – Import a mine from a different plugin

* /mine reset [name]

Mine Shop Help

* /mine menu [name] – Opens a mines shop

Mine Item Help

* /mine setItemPrice [itemname] [cost] – Sets price of a item.

* /mine setItemPrice [minename] [itemname] [cost] – Sets price of a item for that mine.

* /mine addSubItem [itemname] [subitem] – Add a sub-item to add to a shop when shop has that item.

* /mine listSubItems [itemname] – Lists all sub-items of a item.

* /mine removeSubItem [itemname] [id] – Remove a sub-item from a item based of sub-items id.


Setting Up A Basic Mine

1. Create the mine by: /mine create [minename]

2. Select the bounds of the mine using world edit and then: /mine setBounds [minename]

3. Sets the reset location of the mine: /mine setResetSpawn [minename]

4. Lastly add blocks for the mine: /mine addEntry [minename] [%Material]

Setting Up A Full Mine

1. Do 1-4 in Setting Up A Basic Mine

2. Set regions bounds using WorldEdit, so players cant build there but only in mine: /mine setRegionBounds [minename]

Got an Idea?

Put it in the forum post in the forums!

Plugin Stats

Which Mine Type is You’re Favorite?


  • Added Customizable Entry Lists for Mine Customization

Download Links

For 1.8.1


Credits: AlphaRex13

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