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Player API?

Do you really like creating different types of content for Minecraft? Are you interested in building different mods for a number of different creative ideas in order to bring about new additions and riches to the already massive gaming community of Minecraft? Well, then it is likely that you know about Player API, which gives modders the much needed push that they require in order to get some of their mods working properly, on a general scale. The Player API is an extremely handy tool that provides you with the access to the client and the server, as well as the bukkit classes, along with significantly reducing the incompatibility that often exists between different mods in Minecraft.

Player API

Some of the most popular mods in Minecraft, such as the Aether Mod and the Smart Moving mod are reliant upon the Player API for their smooth functioning. As a result, you can say that the Player APi is similar to the Risugami ModLoader or the MineCraft Forge.

Basically, the program provides you with an interface for the development as well as the installation of different mods, like the Single Player Commands mod, etc. With the availability of player classes to the client, server and the bukkit, modding also becomes relatively easy while customization also becomes a piece of cake. Player API 1.8.9 also brings about a significant reduction in the amount of trouble that you have to go through in order to install a mod.

How to install:

  • The first thing that you will need to do is to download the Player API.
  • Once done, open your Start Menu and type ‘%appdata% /.minecraft/ versions. Once you have downloaded the Player API program, you may extract it to any folder you like.
  • Once done, the next step is to download WinRAR, which is required for the extraction of the program itself. Next, open the folder where the modded minecraft.jar file is situated. Then, using WinRAR, copy all class in the minecraft.jar folder. Once you are done, it would be a wise idea to run the minecraft program in order to verify that the installation is complete.
  • If you want to mod the Minecraft server, just copy and extract all the class in the ‘minecraft_server.jar’ folder. Installing the Player API is not a difficult process at all if you have basic knowledge of how to upgrade or install other mods.

Download Links:

Player API For 1.8

Core: PlayerAPI-core-1.0-1.8.zip

Player API For 1.7.10

Core: PlayerAPI-core-1.0-1.7.10.zip

Player API For 1.7.2

Core: Player-API-Core-1.7.2.zip

Player API 1.6.4


Forge – http://download.minecraftdata.com/?act=dl&id=141112220013

Vanilla – http://download.minecraftdata.com/?act=dl&id=141112220044

Render (API pack)– http://download.minecraftdata.com/?act=dl&id=141112220114

Player API For 1.6.2



Render (API pack)Player-API-Render-1.6.2.zip



Player API For Minecraft 1.5.2


Render (API pack): Player-API-Render-1.5.2.zip


MCPC+: Player-API-MCPC-1.5.2.zip

Player API – Older version:

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