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This mod can be considered another BuildCraft, IC1/2/3?, or Redpower(2). But honestly, its just a mod for making cool hi-tech labs. Also, it has(or will have) multiple expansion packs to make your labs even more hi-tech.
This mod is also a learning mod, for getting kids inspired to get into the multiple fields of STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.)
What was once mainly creative, is now complete with crafting recipes!

See the pages for info on each item and its recipe if it has one.

Look out for the four new ores! Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Plastic! Smelt them up!

Copper Ore:

LabStuff Mod

Plastic Ore:

LabStuff Mod

Circuit Design Table

LabStuff Mod


LabStuff Mod

Copper ingot:

LabStuff Mod


LabStuff Mod

Circuit Design:

LabStuff Mod

Circuit Board(COmplete/Etched)

LabStuff Mod

Circuit Board Plate(Texture subject to change)

LabStuff Mod


LabStuff Mod


LabStuff Mod

Computer Tower

LabStuff Mod

Fiber glass

LabStuff Mod


-DL Expansion Pack
-Eductaional Version
-Circuit Maker(more realistic way to make circuit boards)
-More computer functionalliy
-Standalone computer emulator.
-quantum physics
-white board
-chalk board
-suggest in the comments!


Screenshot of LabStuff Mod - 1

Screenshot of LabStuff Mod - 2

Screenshot of LabStuff Mod - 3


*Reverted GUI’s to original textures

Download Links

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.4


Credits: KeeganDeathman2

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