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Single Player Commands

If you are playing Minecraft and want complete control over every aspect of your game, Single Player Commands is a simple tool that will give you the ability to change different variables in-game with a simple command list.

Some of the features that you will get when you install Single Player Commands include:

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  • Set Your Home – If you do not want to bother running back to your home after you are done with your latest adventure, you can set your home and instantly teleport back.
  • Change Time – Don’t want to deal with mining at night? Single Player Commands allows you to change the time of day to whatever you want.
  • Weather – If you want to keep the weather sunny you can quickly adjust the weather settings to be whatever you want (including raining, snowing, etc.)
  • No Damage – Tired of dying? After you install Single Player Commands you can quickly turn off damage, even if you are in the middle of being attacked. You can also destroy any type of critters at will.
  • And much more – Quickly change to any item, adjust reach, adjust walking speed and more.

How To Install Single Player Commands:

Installation can be a little tricky for Single Player Commands, so make sure you follow the steps exactly after you back up your installation.

  1. Close Minecraft if you have it open (including the launcher).
  2. Download the latest version of Single Player Commands
  3. Open your Minecraft installation folder in %appdata%.minecraft.
  4. Open the versions folder and make a copy of your 1.6.2 folder. Rename the new copy of the 1.6.2 folder to 1.6.2_spc
  5. Open the newly created 1.6.2_spc directory and rename the .jar file (1.6.2.jar) to 1.6.2_spc.jar and change the 1.6.2.json file in the same way, renaming it 1.6.2_spc.json
  6. Using a text editor such as Notepad or TextExit, open up the 1.6.2_spc.json file that you just reneamed. Locate the line that says “id” and change it from 1.6.2 to 1.6.2_spc then save and close.
  7. Using some sort of archive software like 7Zip or WinRAR, open up the 1.6.2_spc.jar file.
  8. Take all of the files from the downloaded Single Player Commands and add them to the .jar file EXCEPT for WorldEdit.jar
  9. With the .jar file still open, delete the META-INF file.
  10. Go to the main Minecraft directory (%appdata%/.minecraft for example) and make a new folder named “bin”.
  11. Copy WorldEdit.jar that you downloaded into the new folder.
  12. Run the launcher for Minecraft but make a change to the user version. Select “release 1.6.2_spc”.

That’s it! Check to see if you can use the commands from the Single Player Commands mod.

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