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FamoustLottery is a easy configurateable and translateable multi lottery plugin for your Bukkit or Spigot Server. It supports signs and commands at the same time. The plugin is also able run without Vault as it has a build-in Item support. The easy ingame configuration and a optional mysql database support helps you creating and run infinite individual lotterys at the same time. With using the mysql database you are also able to connect with your website and present your users various statistics. FamoustLottery is very community friendly and unique ideas of users get added almost every time.


This plugin doesn’t need any other plugins to run.


  • Vault


This is not just another Lottery plugin. This plugin aims to bring a highly configurateable, translateable and community friendly multi lottery system to your server.

  • Infinite lotterys at the same time
  • MySQL support
  • Ingame configuration
  • Easy to use
  • Translateable
  • Signs
  • Multiple Lottery modes including single winner and multiple winner
  • Tax system
  • Item support

Additional Information

This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it in the config file under
plugins/PluginMetrics if you put after opt-out true instead of false.

Ideas and Bugs

If you have any ideas or you have found any bugs please create a ticket with all the information you have.




Screenshot of FamoustLottery Bukkit Plugin - 1


FamoustLottery v6.4.0 – Look there! A nice looking item.


  • Added new DrawType(mostly for Economy-Lotterys) to set a Item as pot.
  • Items are now saved as <id>:<data>:<amount>
  • Edited last_winners to ensure that really just 10 wins are cached in the list.

Download Links

For 1.8.1


Credits: feuerkralle2011

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