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As is usual for major changes like these, I can’t ensure that the old data will be loadable by the new version, although I haven’t made any breaking changes to the internal storage system. However, the multiblock structures have changed the block mappings and underlying metadata layout, so the multiblocks will be lost and will have to be rebuilt. Because of that, directly upgrading a world is not recommended.

Ender-Rift requires a source of RF power compatible with the unofficial RF API ported to 1.8 by Vanhal for the 1.8 port of Progressive Automation.

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Inventory Automation API

Ender-Rift makes use of a new API written specifically to make inventory automation easier for everyone. The interfaces in the API are designed specifically for tasks such as pushing items into an inventory, or obtaining a specific item type.

The API is open to improvements, so I would welcome other modders to take a look at it and provide suggestions.

For now, the source code for the API can be found here: https://github.com/gigaherz/Ender-Rift/tree/master/src/main/java/gigaherz/api/automation


What happens when you trap an in-flight ender pearl in a redstone field, and then send a redstone flux to it? Someone found the answer during what seemed like a catastrophic failure of an experiment.

The ender pearl shatters and in its place a rift is opened into the between-space used by the endermen to teleport. Harnessing this rift, you are able to keep an unlimited amount of items in a seemingly tiny space.

WARNING: Although the ender field is self-sustaining, if the ender field is destroyed, the rift closes, and it has been proven impossible to reach the same between-space ever again!


Ender-Rift provides a virtually unlimited storage solution. This storage has no default way of accessing it (no GUI), and instead relies on external blocks providing inventory access. It can be used blindly with hoppers and pipes, or accessed with an inventory aggregator such as EnderIO’s Inventory Panel.

Old stuff (mostly applies to mc1.7.10 versions)


WARNING: Release v0.5 BREAKS COMPATIBILITY with old rifts. The blocks will remain but any items inside will be LOST FOREVER.


Applied Energistics Compatibility (or lack thereof)

I have been speaking with yueh, and it seems there is an intrinsic conflict between AE’s complexity and flexibility, and the purely dynamic nature of my mod. Because the Rift block changes so often in number of slots and content, it drives the caching system of the AE storage bus a bit crazy.

Sadly if AE2 were to drop the cached contents often enough to satisfy my mod’s needs, it would increase the server cpu usage for ALL networks, even in the case my block is not present. So for now, consider my mod NOT COMPATIBLE with AE2 storage buses.

I will keep working to improve the situation.


Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 1

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 2

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 3

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 4

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 5

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 6

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 7

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 8

Screenshot of Ender-Rift Mod - 9


Bugfix for a divide by zero error in the generator.


Download Links

For 1.11.2/1.11


For 1.10.2


For 1.9


For 1.8.9


For 1.7.10


Credits: gigaherz

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