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Minecraft Funny

I perfectionistically Photoshopped these from Homestuck resources for personal use as my Sun and Moons in Minecraft back in… wow, July 2013, but I totally forgot to upload them for others to use. So, here you go!  In the main version of this pack, Skaia replaces the sun, and images of LoWaS, LoCaH,   Read More ...

A totally legit beta test of Minecraft 2 by Microsoft (requires Microsoft Excel to run). Not actually Minecraft 2 nor authored by Microsoft. Download Links: http://download.minecraftdata.com/index.php?act=dl&id=61603 Credits: SethBling

Credits: piefacepro

Credits: lentebriesje

Hey, this is a work in progress 500×500 survival megaproject. It features so far a medieval city with over 200 buildings. We expect to have roughly 350 by completion. Credits: pinebenj

Example sheet for those interested in polygon modeling for Minecraft.

From Candy Cane Bridge to Candy Corn Mountain Range and much more…

Disneyland world in Minecraft. 77 images. It’s for the most part an adventure server. Guests can explore and ride rides much like the real thing. After the server opens, we will have an application system in order for new Cast Members.