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ArmorWeight adds weight to your armor! Heavier armor makes the player more immovable and slower. Decide twice if you want that heavy but strong diamond armor or if that swift leather armor would be better.

Main Features

  • Balance armor types! Strong armor now gets nerft by making the player slower and more immovable. Also, this increases the power of horses, as you keep your speed on them.
  • More realism! Add realism to fights and duels on your server.
  • More strategy! Tanky or good at escaping? Your players will have to decide and makeup strategies!
  • No mods / use of potion effects needed!
  • Fully configurable! Change every value and message for this plugin!
  • Supports Forge items! Just add the mod Material names to the config file and it will just work! Mod armor tutorial


/weight [player] Get the weight of a player
/armorweight<help;reload> Displays generic plugin help or reloads the plugin

Showcase Video by Spencer Recor


How weight works

  • A “normal” Minecraft player weighs 100
  • Less weight (e.g. 80) means lighter (= faster)
  • More weight (e.g. 120) means heavier (= slower)
  • Player weight = normal weight + armor weight
  • A “normal” Minecraft horse weighs 500
  • Horse weight = normal weight + rider (player) weight + armor weight
# The language
  language: enUS

# The weight of a player / horse wearing no armor
playerWeight: 90
horseWeight: 400

# Enable / disable weight for players, horses, enchantments ...
    player: true
    horse: true
  horseRider: true
  enchantment: false

# Enable / disable the speed (slowness) effect for players or horses
    player: true
    horse: true

# A list of all enabled worlds
- "*" # A star (*) will enable all worlds
- "world"
- "world_nether"
- "world_the_end"

  # The weight of a full armor for each material type
  # You may also use any item (e.g. "pumpkin", "player_skull")
    leather: 10
    gold: 40
    chainmail: 20
    iron: 30
    diamond: 50
    pumpkin: -10
  # The percentage share of a certain piece in total weight of the armor
    helmet: 17
    chestplate: 45
    leggings: 25
    boots: 13

  # Make sure to enable this in weightEnabled.enchantment if you want to use it
  # How much every enchantment level adds to the weight of a armor piece
    # The weight for all enchantments not specified
    general: 3
    protection: 5
    unbreaking: 5

  # Whether warnings should be displayed when players wear heavier armor (text configurable in lang.yml)
  enabled: true
  # How many seconds have to pass until another warning can be displayed
  cooldown: 10


armorweight.weight.armor Makes your weight be changed by armor
armorweight.effect.speed Makes your movement speed change depending on your weight
armorweight.command.weight.getown Allows you to display your current weight
armorweight.command.weight.getothers Allows you to display the current weight of other players
armorweight.command.plugin.info Allows you to display information about ArmorWeight
armorweight.command.plugin.reload Allows you to reload the configurations of ArmorWeight

Source, JavaDoc, Buildserver, Maven, Documentation

You are free to make a plugin that uses ArmorWeight, but you have to credit me and link back to the plugin. Also, feel free to share your creations and send them to me!


This plugin sends statistics data to mcstats.org. To disable this, set the value “metricsEnabled” config.yml to “false”.

Cauldron Servers

If you get an exception regarding horse speeds on Cauldron, disable the horse speed effect.


ArmorWeight should work with all plugins that do not change the player or horse speeds. If you encounter a plugin that is not compatible, please leave a comment I and will get to it.

ArmorWeight is compatible with:

Sadly, it is not compatible with NoCheatPlus. This bug has been reported several times and hopefully it will get fixed when the NCP team adds support for speed attributes. Until then, there is not much we can do about it other than wait.


Screenshot of  Bukkit Plugin - 1


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.9
  • Added frost walker and mending enchantments

Download Links

For 1.8.3


For 1.8.1


For 1.6.4


Credits: Zettelkasten

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